​Please note that the proceedings of this meeting are being recorded to assist in the preparation of the minutes of the meeting. The recording of this meeting are records of the School District, as defined in the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, and as such may be the subject of access requests under the Act.

The Chair will call the meeting to order. With great respect and humility, we acknowledge and honour the lands of the Snuneymuxw people. The Snuneymuxw people maintain their profound, unique and spiritual connection to the land through ageless traditions, teachings, stewardship and expressions of reciprocity.

  • That the Agenda be approved.

  • That the minutes from the Education Committee meeting held on February 1, 2023, be approved.

Presentation on the Board Goal: Continuous improvement in support for students with diverse abilities and disabilities, Indigenous and overall student population on student achievement

  • Objective: Improve opportunities for early intervention and learning
  • Strategy: Build a framework for Early Years and Childcare

Presentation on the Board Goal: To be a leader in Environmental Stewardship and Sustainability

  • Objectives: Increase learning opportunities for students and staff on climate change and sustainability
  • Strategy: Review draft Environmental Action Plan

School Presentations by Ladysmith Secondary School and Mountain View Elementary  

Question Period is intended to enable the public to obtain clarifying information regarding a current agenda item.

Individuals wishing to ask questions of the Board upon completion of Committee and Board sessions shall do so in writing on the form provided which includes their name, street address and email address.  The individual will be asked to verify his/her self and be afforded the opportunity to read out their own question.  Each individual shall be limited to one follow-up question upon receiving a response. Forms are available in the information rack near the entrance of the Board Room.

If the meeting is being held online, individuals wishing to ask questions of the Board shall type their question in the Q&A compose box on the right side of the screen and then select send. Your question will be read by the Board or Committee Chair.

Questions and responses will be included in the video of the meeting and the meeting minutes and will be part of the public record.

  • That the meeting be adjourned.